IAG Cargo Volume boosted by Indian Traffic

//IAG Cargo Volume boosted by Indian Traffic

IAG Cargo Volume boosted by Indian Traffic

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The air cargo market is now in the middle of the seasonal rush and most carriers are happy to report increased volumes and revenues during the last three months of this
IAG cargo is no exception, having reported a stronger performance during the past months.

Dave Shepherd – courtesy IAG Cargo

India’s e-commerce traffic running high
Cargo volumes out of the Indian market have according to IAG Cargo been exceptionally good and have outperformed the carrier’s expectations.
This, states IAG’s managers, is mainly due to the continued rise in e-commerce shipments being moved from the Indian subcontinent.

David Shepherd, IAG Cargo’s Commercial Director stated that “India has seen an exceptionally strong start to the peak.” He went on to comment that “not only have we seen an increase in the number
of consignments being carried, we’ve also seen increases in the average weight of those consignments. This strong start to the peak is being driven, to a significant extent, by the cross-border
growth of e-commerce which has meant a corresponding rise in the need for express shipments.”


IAG Cargo now has five Indian gateways which are served regularly with aircraft such as the Boeing 787-9 and  which are capable of offering better belly cargo volumes on their routes.

Tonnages have improved considerably and the carrier has noted a 15% rise between August and October of this year. Volumes in October alone rose by 41% compared to the same period last year.
IAG Cargo notes that the United States and the United Kingdom are important destinations for goods being shipped out of India which are, among others, a mixture of clothing, household goods,
printed and packaging materials.

The carrier’s management sees India as one of its important markets for the future due to the fast rising e-commerce market as well as the continued foreign investment in this vast country.

John Mc Donagh