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The booking agent

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What they do

Booking agents are employed by bands’ managers to manage every stage of their artist’s live career, from initial exposure to arenas. As with football agents, they are are often accused of having too much power.

“Promoters come through us to get the bands. It’s all about putting the right acts in the right venues: if you misjudge, you can ruin a band’s career. You can’t build a live career without an agent – you just won’t get the doors opened. There’s a lot of rivalry between agents: some are my mates and some I actively dislike. Promoters see us as bullies extracting money with menaces, but if they overpay for bands and lose money, they’re not doing their job. The job has its lighter moments. I once walked on a tour bus to witness what I believe in pornography is known as the ‘pop shot’.”

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