Human: Fall Flat defies physics with 2 million copies sold

//Human: Fall Flat defies physics with 2 million copies sold

Human: Fall Flat defies physics with 2 million copies sold

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I like silly physics games, and based on the sales of Human: Fall Flat, I’m not alone. That deliberately awkward platformer from developer No Brake Games has surpassed 2 million copies sold across PC and console platforms. It has players controlling a stumbling gelatinous human-like creature through a series of obstacles by walking, running, jumping, and climbing all while fighting with the controls and the physics. It’s delightful.

No Brake Games founder Tomas Sakalauskas said that he found Human: Fall Flat’s success confounding but welcome.

“The idea that the game started out as a solo-development endeavor and now incorporates over two million players worldwide is amazing,” said Sakalauskas. “I’ve always tried to listen to the fans and bring their ideas into the game where feasible and where it chimed with my original vision.”

With the help of publisher Curve Digital, No Brake was able to expand Human: Fall Flat from PC to every major console. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The original PC version, meanwhile, is still getting major updates including an 8-player online multplayer mode that debuted in November.

“We’re thrilled for Tomas, everyone at Curve and the now millions of players worldwide enjoying the wonky, physics-based fun,” Curve Digital managing director Jason Perkins said. “Tomas has achieved success through exceptional hard work and by listening to the game’s community. It shows the potential of iterative design and how a strong voice can resonate with players in a crowded marketplace.”

Another reason that Human: Fall Flat has resonated is YouTube and Twitch. The game is conducive to comedic videos, and that has made it popular on those sites. It’s also a game where a lack of skill can make it even more fun — especially if you’re playing with friends or during a livestream.

But more than anything, Human: Fall Flat’s sales are more evidence that predicting what will succeed and what will fizzle out is more difficult than ever in gaming

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