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Project Description

S&A Nader Group sarl is a member of WCA Time Critical, in which WCA is a global association of forwarders and movers, committed to providing customers with the highest level of service.

Their worldwide membership of 2,000 companies from more than 165 countries and territories are available to move you wherever life may take you.

Our integrated international office and home relocation services include:

Conducted Sevices at Origin

Survey: We carry out a physical survey of items that need to be transported to the new destination. Goods that are fragile and need to be handled with care are packed separately to ensure they reach the destination intact.

Estimate: According to the requirements of the client, a cost-effective budget for relocation and movement services is provided.

Dismantling & Packing: Goods are packed carefully and systematically so that it is easy to reassemble them once they reach their destination.

Loading into the container: The crew manager personally looks into the entire loading process, guaranteeing safe and sound loading of your goods.

Conducted Sevices at Destination

Clearing the Goods: This includes taking care of customs inspection and documentation, clearance and transportation.

Transportation to the Local Address: After clearing the goods from customs, the mode of transport is determined and the goods are transported to the final destination.

Unloading & Unpacking: Once the goods reach their destination, they are unloaded, unpacked, reassembled and placed appropriately as per the client’s wishes.

Clearing of Debris: Once unpacking and reassembling is complete, we make sure that all the debris is cleared from the site.